Our Mission

To embrace individuality and greatness within each child to develop a sense of purpose and relevance towards learning guided by The Montessori Philosophy


Development within Self

"If young people at a certain point are called upon to take an active part in the life of humanity, they must first feel that they have a great mission to accomplish and prepare themselves for it." Dr. Maria Montessori

Development with in the School Community

"We must say at once that the aim should be to widen education instead of restrict it." Dr. Maria Montessori

Development within the Academic Disciplines

"Here is an essential principle of education: To teach details is to bring confusion; to establish the relationship between the facts is to bring knowledge." Dr. Maria Montessori

Development within the Local Community

"Being able to find one's place in union with other people seeking a higher plane of humanity ... one must place oneself in relationship to the environment and within the reach of the events and life of the times." Dr. Maria Montessori

Development within the Global Community

"People must be guided first and foremost to an awareness of their responsibilities with regard to human social organization." Dr. Maria Montessori