I thought you might appreciate something that my wife and I have noticed over the last few months. We’ve put Markus and Maddy in several activities over the past couple of years and their success has been impressive. They are both in swimming, and skating. Markus is in soccer and Maddy is doing dance. Interesting is the reports/feedback that we have enjoyed from “all” of the coaches involved with our children. They have all made a special effort to come to my wife and I to mention how well our children follow instruction and/or direction, pick up new concepts and learn at a rapid rate. They have both enjoyed above average success in everything they have attempted. Further, we have been complimented numerous times on their overall behavior. As much as any parent would want to take all the credit for the success of their children, we can’t help but look to what you have done for Markus and Maddy with regards to their success. They have spent approximately 45 hours per week, over several years, in the environment you have created and we truly believe that your school and staff has had a huge, positive impact on our children. The effect your school has had on their ability to listen, learn, and attempt new things, with confidence, “outside of the Montessori environment” has been more than impressive. Thank you to you and all of your staff for everything that you have done for our family.

Mr. Morgan