SCHOOL (Brooklin)


Our two locations, Whitby Montessori & Elementary School (WMS) and Lakeridge Montessori School (LMS), set the stage for a lifetime of exploring, questioning and learning.

At WMS and LMS, we strive to make each day an extraordinary educational experience for our students and families. Guided by The Montessori Philosophy of Education, our school communities are built on the foundation that all children are competent, curious, capable, and carry within themselves an exceptional capacity for learning.

Founded in 1989, our main campus, WMS, provides a dynamic learning environment for children ages 2.7 years (Junior Casa) to 12 years (Renaissance). In response to our growing school community, our second campus, LMS, opened its doors in 2015, and welcomes students between the ages of 12 months (Casa Bambini) to 6 years (Casa). Supported by a strong school culture and sense of community, parents and teachers work together to discover a child’s interests, and build upon them at each phase of development, in a carefully prepared Montessori environment.

Discovery builds inquiry, joy exudes confidence, and learning meets the future.

At WMS and LMS, we believe in evolving as our world does, so that we can meet the unique needs of each individual child. Through enriched Academic, Arts, and Athletics curriculums, as well as leadership and community service opportunities, our students are empowered to reach their full potential through investigation and discovery. Our mixed-age Montessori classrooms prepare students for a rapidly changing world by providing them with the skills they will need, not only for learning, but for REAL life.

At WMS and LMS … students explore REAL-LIFE, engage in REAL-LEARNING, and make REAL-WORLD connections as discovery builds inquiry, joy exudes confidence, and learning meets the future.