SCHOOL (Brooklin)


Whitby Montessori & Elementary School (WMS) provides a wide range of unique Enrichment Programs that expand the breadth of our core school curriculum.

What the hand does
the mind remembers.

Dr. Maria Montessori
French Education

Interactive and engaging lessons encourage students to explore French as they refine their skills in oral communication, reading, writing, grammar, and exploration of the French Culture through an immersive-type environment.

Computers & Technology

To prepare students for today’s technological world, this exciting, hands-on program engages students in the World of Robotics, while exploring concepts in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. WMS Junior School Programs learn about simple machines during building and programming sessions. WMS Senior School Programs learn robot navigation skills through in-depth programming sequences, and enhance their robotic models using a variety of sensors.

Music Education

WMS offers a unique Montessori approach to music study that enables students to expand their artistic and creative skills. Students are invited to participate in Vocal Instruction, Song Writing Workshops, Band Ensembles, Piano Labs, Orff Instruments, and Choirs through the music program. Performance opportunities, both inside and outside the school environment, contribute to the ‘whole child’ experience.

Performing Arts

At WMS, students are encouraged to participate in Class Plays, Annual Concerts, and the WMS School Musical Extravaganza, experiencing the process of auditioning for a play, as well as staging and final performance opportunities designed to promote creativity and self-expression.

Visual Arts

Students learn to express themselves visually, sharpen their powers of observation, and develop critical thinking skills through Art History and Fine Arts. Students also enjoy working with a variety of art mediums to create their own “masterpiece.”

Physical Education

The WMS Physical Education Program works with a child’s innate need to learn through movement. Indoor and outdoor gym activities teach students about the importance of teamwork and collaboration through team sports such as Soccer, Basketball, Badminton, Volleyball, and Floor Hockey. Students are also challenged to reach personal goals as they experience experiential physical education activities (Skiing, Snowboarding, Horseback Riding, Curling, Skating).

Dance Education

The Dance Education curriculum provides students with an opportunity to explore a variety of dance genres (Ballet, Jazz, Strength & Co-ordination). The curriculum fosters the development of strong foundational skills through a series of specific exercises, and encourages students to develop musical awareness, creativity, expression, and the achievement of personal goals.